// Maux liés à la pratique de la musique - 1st edition

Playing a musical instrument intensively subjects the body to a severe test. The effort required by the musical practice can be compared to that related to the practice of a high-level sport. Like athletes, musicians must prepare their body for this effort, do the right thing and favor certain postures.

The Municipal Casino of Biarrtiz hosted the conference  "Maux liés à la pratique de la musique" organized by the MAIF and Medicine of the Arts.

The organizers agree on the success of the event as indicated by their testimonies at Biarritz Tourisme: "The evening of May 3rd dedicated to the "Maux liés à la pratique de la musique", organized by the MAIF and Medicine of the Arts, held at the Municipal Casino Theater was a great success. - said Faustine KERHOAS - Societal Actions and Institutional Communication - Mutualist Actions - MAIF We gathered 303 people. Everything went as planned. The organizers, speakers and members are all satisfied with this beautiful evening. Thank you for your involvement in the project and for your responsiveness ".

Same enthusiasm for David Rachet "This first edition was beautifully held, the entire team of the casino was very caring and we thank them warmly. See you soon with the symphony orchestra ".